OAR ConfigurationΒΆ

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Getting Started

  1. Edit your invenio-local.conf
$ sudo -u www-data vim /opt/invenio/etc/invenio-local.conf # edit as follows

and put wanted values there:

Site URL

CFG_SITE_URL = http://yoursite.org
CFG_SITE_SECURE_URL = https://yoursite.org

Site Name

## CFG_SITE_NAME -- the visible name of your Invenio installation.
CFG_SITE_NAME = Institute

## CFG_SITE_NAME_INTL -- the international versions of CFG_SITE_NAME
## in various languages.  (See also CFG_SITE_LANGS below.)
CFG_SITE_NAME_INTL_en =  Institute
CFG_SITE_NAME_INTL_fr = Institut

SuperUser and Email Address

# CFG_SITE_SUPPORT_EMAIL -- the email address of the support team for
# this installation:

CFG_SITE_SUPPORT_EMAIL = admin@sci-gaia.eu

# CFG_SITE_ADMIN_EMAIL -- the email address of the 'superuser' for
# this installation.  Enter your email address below and login with
# this address when using Invenio inistration modules.  You
# will then be automatically recognized as superuser of the system.

CFG_SITE_ADMIN_EMAIL =  admin@sci-gaia.eu

Mail Server

# CFG_MISCUTIL_SMTP_HOST -- which server to use as outgoing mail server to
# send outgoing emails generated by the system, for example concerning
# submissions or email notification alerts.

  1. Propagate these changes to all installed files:
$ sudo -u www-data /opt/invenio/bin/inveniocfg --update-all
  1. Update Apache configuration file, either by running:
$ sudo -u www-data /opt/invenio/bin/inveniocfg --create-apache-conf

or by manually editing virtual host configuration files

sudo -u www-data vim /opt/invenio/etc/apache/invenio-apache-vhost*.conf.
  1. You can restart your Apache server now:
$ sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart
  1. Remove help pages (user|admin|hacking) cache (please first ensure that you have not mistakenly edited these files to add custom information, instead of editing the source of the help pages):
$ sudo -u www-data rm -r /opt/invenio/var/cache/webdoc/

(Cache will be automatically recreated based on the source file when one accesses a page. You can force the creation of these pages by accessing the table of content for each section: http://yoursite.eu/help/contents, http://yoursiste.eu/help/admin/contents and http://yoursite.eu/help/hacking/contents)

  1. In order to customize categories, you must run
cd /opt/invenio/bin
sudo -u www-data ./bibindex
sudo -u www-data ./webcoll
sudo -u www-data ./bibsched

and run (r) all processes in the bibsched window

  1. Put your bibsched queue back to automatic mode, and you are done. (See more: Howto Run Invenio installation )
cd /opt/invenio/bin/
sudo -u www-data ./bibsched